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Should Sailsteady® be on the bow of your  
single-handed dinghy? 
Yes! Let me tell you why... 

Sailsteady® is a proven wind indicator designed specifically to be mounted 
on the bow of single-handed boats. 
Having a wind indicator on the bow is vital for many reasons. As it is in the  
direct forward visual line of the boat, a wind indicator enables you to see all at once: 
The direction of the wind – without this crucial visual information sailing is like walking blind using a walking stick! You simply can’t move quickly. 
The approaching wave formation – waves are a force of nature. Learn to control this force using Sailsteady® and you will use waves in your favour. (Simple!) 
The directional change of the boat due to wind shift – on the beat, every wind shift causes a change in the boat’s course, some helpful, some not. As Sailsteady® is in the direct forward visual line of your boat, the change in direction will be obvious against the visual background you are sailing against. 
The change in speed - for me, this is undoubtedly the most crucial benefit. Because Sailsteady® is fitted very close to the water line, it allows you to see changes in the water flow your boat is sailing on. If you’re sailing fast, the water flow will be fast. If you’re sailing slowly - get a move on and do something about it! 
The heel of the boat - if you like sailing with your boat flat, the front of your boat acts like a spirit level! The level is the deck, the spirit is the sea. Comprende? 
All the very best (I mean the very best!) single-handed sailors use some form of wind indicator on their bow. The beauty of Sailsteady® is that it is an impact-resistant, simple yet highly effective way of giving you all the information you need to sail faster. 
So, if you’re a single-handed dinghy sailor, young or old, experienced or not, and you have room on the bow of your dinghy, investing in a Sailsteady® will improve your sailing style and performance. 
Order your Sailsteady® to start improving your sailing performance now! 

"I purchased your wind indicator and I am delighted with it. " 

"Thanks for the new wind indicator. Sailing by tell tails allow you to react to the change on the sail. With Sailsteady, you can see and feel the difference the wind has on the sail. By having a point of reference and the view forward, it’s much easier to identify headers and lifts, then take the appropriate action." 

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